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Start your own virtual classrooms with live streaming and recording to reach more learners, record & re-use content. In fact, Be future ready, today.

virtual classroom live streaming

The platform is for

The virtual classrooms comes with live streaming and recording as default features with different pre-configured options for schools, colleges and training centers. It can help them in reaching and teaching more students with their existing resources. 

Live stream your class directly from your virtual classroom with exactly 2 clicks. Any student can raise hand to ask doubt through voice and you can choose whose request to accept. Be it a doubt clearing class or extra class in the morning or evening, your students are always present inside their virtual classrooms. 

Record it simultaneously while live streaming your class or just record it whenever you have time. Either record directly to cloud or record in your local computer (the system will automatically send your local recordings to cloud in when the internet connection improves). Get up to 900 GB of cloud space for all the recordings.  

The recording can be re-used by sharing it inside a virtual classrooms or can even be downloaded only by the author. The future students can get benefited from the recordings by going through some of the recordings even before the actual class begins. It can also help the author in reviewing and enhancing the content quality.

Academic analytics, behavioral analytics, marks and attendance analytics, video analytics etc for course content improvement, student engagement improvement, student academic performance improvement, automated placement / internship / project recommendation

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We’re helping school, college, training centers,freelancers with

  • Next-Gen Teaching Learning Management with virtual classrooms which comes with live streaming and recording as default features
  • Integrated Communication & Collaboration which includes notification, note sharing, quiz & assignment etc
  • Skill gap analysis and automated placement/internship/project recommendation


How to start the virtual classrooms ?

Virtual classrooms can be created within 7 days of letting us know of your requirements through email / phone / Whatsapp. The complete set up will be done on cloud and the link will be shared for starting of the usage.

Are the virtual classrooms secured?

All of the virtual classrooms run on 256 bit ssl encryption technology similar to companies like Google and Facebook. This is the 2nd best security system just below bank grade security which is only recommended for financial institution like banks. 

Is there any initial cost to start the virtual classrooms?

There are NO setup cost at the beginning. As the virtual classrooms run on cloud,  the invoices to the customers are raised  at the beginning of the every month for the current month. Therefore, the 1st month cost can be considered as the setup cost.

What exactly are virtual classrooms?

Virtual classrooms comes with live streaming and recording as default features. These have everything  regular physical classrooms have i.e. real-time quizzes, assignments, attendances etc except the one thing, that is the number of students it can occupy. Virtual classrooms are designed to be limitless. 

Are there any monthly / yearly maintenance cost for the virtual classrooms?

There are NO maintenance cost either monthly or annually. Everything is taken care by us with complete data back-up and security. 

Who can use virtual classrooms?

Be it a school or college or training center or enterprise or or anybody else, it can be used where ever teaching and learning happens. If any teacher is teaching, it should be taught to more number of people any classroom can ever accommodate, it should also be recorded so that even more number of people can get benefit from it and the teacher himself / herself can review and enhance his / her teaching style as well as content.