CBCS implementation

UGC recommends Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) implementation by 2022

CBCS stands for Choice Based Credit System. It is a method of education delivery as suggested recently by UGC to improve the current situation of higher education in the country. CBCS implementation has been mandated by UGC within 2022.

Why CBCS is needed according to UGC: –

“The education plays enormously significant role in building of a nation. There are quite a large number of educational institutions, engaged in imparting education in our country. Majority of them have entered recently into semester system to match with international educational pattern. However, our present education system produces young minds lacking knowledge, confidence, values and skills. It could be because of complete lack of relationship between education, employment and skill development in conventional education system. The present alarming situation necessitates transformation and/or redesigning of education system, not only by introducing innovations but developing “learner-centric approach in the entire education delivery mechanism and globally followed evaluation system as well. 

Majority of Indian higher education institutions have been following marks or percentage-based evaluation system, which obstructs the flexibility for the students to study the subjects/courses of their choice and their mobility to different institutions. There is need to allow the flexibility in education system, so that students depending upon their interests and aims can choose interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary and skill-based courses. This can only be possible when choice-based credit system (CBCS), an internationally acknowledged system, is adopted. The choice-based credit system not only offers opportunities and avenues to learn core subjects but also exploring additional avenues of learning beyond the core subjects for holistic development of an individual. The CBCS will undoubtedly facilitate us bench mark our courses with best international academic practices.

The CBCS implementation has more advantages than disadvantages.

Advantages of CBCS implementation:

 Shift in focus from the teacher-centric to student-centric education.

 Student may undertake as many credits as they can cope with (without repeating all courses in a given semester if they fail in one/more courses).

 CBCS allows students to choose inter-disciplinary, intra-disciplinary courses, skill oriented papers (even from other disciplines according to their learning needs, interests and aptitude) and more flexibility for students).

 CBCS makes education broad-based and at par with global standards. One can take credits by combining unique combinations. For example, Physics with Economics, Microbiology with Chemistry or Environment Science etc.

 CBCS offers flexibility for students to study at different times and at different institutions to complete one course (ease mobility of students). Credits earned at one institution can be transferred.


 Difficult to estimate the exact marks

 Workload of teachers may fluctuate

 Demand good infrastructure for dissemination of education  

The disadvantages are more valid for a university / institution then the student. Majority of the times, institutes adopt age-old solutions repackaged in a new bottle to suit the change which ultimately defeats the whole purpose of such an initiative by limiting both the institutions and students in some or the other way. The universities / institutions have to build robust processes backed by efficient technologies so that their entire process from admission to employment can be automated with sophisticated dashboards for better decision making while not compromising on a student’s freedom of choice.

Our education cloud is helping our customer university with CBCS implementation to it’s core philosophy of more choice and freedom to students for building their own course at their own pace in accordance with their interest. We also are enabling cross pollination so that a student from 5th semester engineering can go for a basic finance course or an oil painting course as a credit subject for that semester. Everything will be seamless tracked by the skill matrix to provide a real persona of a student in real-time to anybody with permission to view.

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