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Our mission

Epecate provides unlimited virtual classrooms on the cloud. The virtual classrooms have live streaming and recording as standard features. It has other features including lesson planning, question bank, assignment, real-time quiz, attendance marking etc to name a few. Therefore, it can effectively be used by schools, colleges and training centers to create an online version of themselves to cater to a global learner community.

The virtual classrooms are used to gather meaningful information about academic and co-curricular performance details of a student. The analysis of collected information provides deep insights about academic details and co-curricular details like overall persona, his / her strengths & weaknesses etc. All these insights can be truly valuable all the stakeholders of the education ecosystem. It can help the HR manager to understand not only about academic excellence but also about the value system and culture of the candidate.Therefore, it can help them to make hiring decisions faster at a much lesser cost. This is how we are connecting all the unconnected dots between learning and working in the 21st century.

Save time

Online features saves a huge amount of time. All need to be done is with few clicks and from anywhere.


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Mobile friendly

Users can access anywhere and at anytime using any device . Being a responsive site, It can be accessed through any portable device using a chrome browser.

The Virtual Classroom

State of the art virtual classroom with live streaming, recording and speech to text translation

  • Cloud based  
  • No extra hardware / software installation needed
  • Teach up to 1000 students anytime  anywhere
  • Individual dashboards for teacher and student
  • Integrated online quiz and assignment 
  • Academic analytics

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A team of professionals with 40+ years of global corporate experience

Focus on impact in every customers daily life. Making things simpler to understand, easier to use and help make users twice the productive while doing daily activities.

Dispassion with Compassion, Humility with Perseverance 

Our goal is to bring latest technology to higher education to fulfil the aspiration of  the stakeholders

A company focused on solving your pain-points

We’re helping school and colleges with

  • Next-Gen Teaching Learning Management
  • Virtual classrooms with Live streaming and recording
  • Staff Management
  • Communication & Collaborations
  • Skill gap analysis and automated placement
  • Compliance and Accreditation

Customers & Partners

KVIRS, Kunigal

Kunigal Valley International Residential School is an international school providing virtual classrooms to it's 10th and 12th standard students. The classrooms are used for online doubt clearing classes before or after the regular school time and tracking of quiz and assignments completely online.

BridgeParents, Mysuru

BridgeParents is a flagship product of Applomb Analytics pvt ltd of Mysuru,Karnataka which is currently having 150+ schools as it's customer. We recently joined hands to bring our online classroom to their existing customers as well as any new customer in the Karnataka region.

You are the next!

If you are a school / college looking forward to bring innovation by providing online classroom to your students & teachers or a company willing to take us to there existing educational clients then let's talk. Please call / WhatsApp on +91-96322 99302 for a discussion.

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